[CLAM] How to estimate swing ratio? (with TickExtractor example perhaps?)

Rasmus Bååth rasmus.baath at lucs.lu.se
Tue Aug 9 04:08:55 PDT 2011


In the CLAm faq states that "CLAM provides tools to extract the tick,
the meter, the tempo and the swing ratio. " As I am very interested in
estimating the swing ratio I've been looking through the documentation
and source, but have not found any function that estimates swing

In the examples folder there is a program TickExtractorExe that
extracts beats and ticks from an audiofile, can this be used to
extract the swing ratio? The documentation mentions that
TickExtractorExe can be given an configuration file but there is no
documentation regarding the format of that file...

I would be much grateful for any help in this matter!

Rasmus Bååth
Ph.D. student, M.Sc.

Lund University Cognitive Science
Kungshuset, Lundagård
222 22 Lund, Sweden

Tel. +46739329699

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