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Rene Dohmen acidjunk at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 02:49:21 PDT 2011

Hi list,

first of all; I don't know if this is the correct list for my question.

We are working on a project to aid the learning of playing a music
instrument. The focus is on monophonic wind instruments (sax, flute, horn,
trumpet etc). We will play a short sample and show the notes, then the
students tries to repeat the exercise. The program analyses the recording
and tells the student how good they did it.

I'm not sure how to start coding on it with CLAM; I reviewed the examples
and existing code, and boy it's big :-)

1) We need some processing to just detect a pitch and its duration (should
we make a new processing component?)
2) We need a way to store the pitches/duration in a text format
3) We need a way to visualize the notes (we could use the piano keys widget,
or the Tonnetz widget for that or do we have to write a widget ourselves?)

Kind regards,

Rene Dohmen

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