[CLAM] Compile as Ladspa plugin

bart bart at magnetophon.nl
Fri Jan 13 09:36:29 PST 2012


To the dev's: Thanks for the great SW. I've been a fan ever since SMS!

I'm having trouble loading ladspa's that I compiled with NetworkEditor.
Networks that don't contain other ladspa's work great. Networks with other ladspa's in them compile fine, but when loading the resulting plugin in a host (ardour2) I get the following error:

CLAM LADSPA: Error while loading CLAM network based plugin 'The_plugin_I_compiled'
Error creating a processing object of type 'The_plugin_in_the_network' which is not available.
Plugin not loaded.

This happens with any ladspa or ladspa_buffer plugin that I put in the network. I'm using the debian package, version 1.4.0-3.

Any pointers? Can't find anything relevant on the web or the mailing list.

Thanks for your time,


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