[Clam-devel] CLAM 0.96 released

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Fri Dec 22 14:18:30 PST 2006

CLAM 0.96 released

A new release code-named The Most Stable NetworkEditor Ever
is available to download. So imagine what is this release about.

(To be exact, the packags (debians and windows) are still cooking in
the testfarm but they will be automatically upload in few hours)

2006-12-22 NetworkEditor 0.4.1	
'The most stable NetworkEditor ever'
 * Using CLAM 0.96.0
 * CLAM Networks as VST plugins
 * Fix: OutControlSenders resends its last value (or default) on start
 * Fix: Removing processing with connected controls caused crash. 
   Now controls links are bidirectional.
 * Fix: NetworkEditor crashed when playing and done a add/remove/configure 
   processing or add/remove wire.  Now the network stops gacefully. 

2006-12-22 CLAM 0.96.0
'The most stable NetworkEditor ever'
 * Network takes now the ownership of NetworkPlayer and applications
   use the Network interface instead NetworkPlayer for Stoping, Playing...
 * Fix: Networks stop if playing on 'letal' ops such processing 
   add/rm/cfg, and control/port connection/Disconnection.
 * Fix: Lost control link when a processing were removed
 * Refactored dupplicated code on Network::AddProcessing overloads
 * Ligther doxygen (source browser disabled by default)

The complete changelogs here:

Bon Nadal!


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