[Clam-devel] today's commits

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Thu Dec 28 09:46:11 PST 2006

(probably david will commit more changes later)
no more work on osx today. we wanted to push the automatic-release 
system a little bit more.

 * versionInfo.py: added new python functions to retrieve package (clam, 
networkeditor, etc.) version from svn
 * versionInfo.py: added new python function to retrieve svn revision
 * updated doSrcTarball.py and doDebianPackages.py. now gets the version 
from CHANGES (not hardcoded)
 * product name of Annotator/CHANGES changed from MusicAnnotator -> 
   reason: doSrcTarballs.py is easier if package==product
 * The dev package should depend on the libclam0
 * Library suggests clam applications
 * renamed ChangeLog.txt -> CHANGES (keeping history. thanks svn!)
  reason: same name as apps/CHANGES
 * fix for previous commit: USE_VORBIS should be USE_OGGVORBIS
 * Conflicts on old separated debian packages
 * Separated debian packages for applications, first try

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