[Clam-devel] Debian packaging

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Tue Dec 26 11:22:52 PST 2006

David García Garzón wrote:
> Since friday i've been trying to build and upload ubuntu/debian packages for 0.96, but my laptop wireless drivers are loosing the connection every few minutes, so all the batch process have been painfull. I just managed building and uploading feisty packages. But now i realize that Pau is doing changes on the debian packaging files and i still have not built all the packages. Pau, can you give me more information on what are you trying to do/have done? Should we rebuild all the packages? Are you trying to build them too?
> David.

yes i did a quite a big change: collapse all lib packages in one:
libclam-core0, libclam-processing0, libclam-audioio0, libclam-vmfl0, 
libclam-vmqt0 => libclam0
libclam-core-dev, libclam-processing-dev, libclam-audioio-dev, 
libclam-vmfl-dev, libclam-vmqt-dev => libclam-dev
note: this is a bigger package that contains the same libraries as before.

first i wanted to keep it local to discuss, but for generating all 
packages with the script it was easier to commit.
the changes effect all control and rules files (but the app/debian/rules).
i've also updated the changelog versions

the main reason is because it's a requirement/recommendation for 
inclusion to debian (piem), which i think is very prioritary. (feisty is 
a deadline)
the rationale is that right now the complexity of having that many 
packages didn't buy much. well maybe not having to install vmfl and vmqt 
libs for networkeditor, but anyway we have to get rid of them soon.
of course the direction is going to plugin libs, both for 
processing/widgets and for audio backends. and i think is easier 
departing from a single package.
btw, the control and rule files are much simpler.

status: i could build the packages but not in pbuilder.  it stopped 
building apps packages.
but now i'm in mac and don't have the error at hand.
have you tried it? if it's easy i'd go for the new packages.


right now i'm working on the mac build. i'm almost there.

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