[Clam-devel] Mac OS X -- Cross Compatibiliy -- ByteOrder Patch

Volker Schumacher volker at photone.de
Wed Dec 27 08:17:43 PST 2006

Dear Clam Team,

Thank you so much for your effort on the Clam project, I really love it!

I am experimenting around with Clam since about one year on the Mac  
But I build the project with XCode instead of your build system, and  
all the dependencies as well.
This works fine for me, also some of my dependency XCode projects are  
still a bit messy.
Some like XCode, others don't, for my needs one of the nice features  
in XCode is that it allows to build Universal Binaries in a  
convenient way.
Please let me know if u are interested in offering an XCode project  
file with the Clam distribution, maybe I can help you.

I would like to support the Clam project by helping to take care of  
the mac platform.
So as a first contribution I have a small issue about byte order and  
Intel-compatibility on Mac:

Since Mac OS may run on both Intel and PPC architectures, Apple  
suggests to use the __BIG_ENDIAN__ and __LITTLE_ENDIAN__ macros to  
distinguish endianess in their transition guide. The File Defines/ 
ByteOrder.hxx may then contain something like this:

// --------------------------------------
// Mac OS X

#ifdef __BIG_ENDIAN__
#ifdef __LITTLE_ENDIAN__

// --------------------------------------

I attached a patch for that file.

Best Wishes from Berlin!


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