[Clam-devel] Re: Mac OS X -- Cross Compatibiliy -- ByteOrder Patch

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Thu Dec 28 04:08:49 PST 2006

En/na Volker Schumacher ha escrit:
> Dear Clam Team,
> Thank you so much for your effort on the Clam project, I really love it!
you're welcomed!
feel free to explain your ideas in using clam are, or directions where 
you would like to push the development.

> I am experimenting around with Clam since about one year on the Mac 
> platform.
> But I build the project with XCode instead of your build system, and 
> all the dependencies as well. 
> This works fine for me, also some of my dependency XCode projects are 
> still a bit messy.
> Some like XCode, others don't, for my needs one of the nice features 
> in XCode is that it allows to build Universal Binaries in a convenient 
> way.
> Please let me know if u are interested in offering an XCode project 
> file with the Clam distribution, maybe I can help you.
from our (bad) past experience supporting different build systems, we 
now want to have a single and cross-platform build system. and scons is 
very helpful on keeping platform specifics very small.

AFAIK, scons and xcode doesn't play good together (correct me if i'm 
wrong), so we are not planning to support it. however, it might be the 
case that having xcode projects would enable more people to get into 
clam hacking, so you're very welcomed to contribute and maintain this 
build system.

xcode projects can be invoked via command-line, right? then we can add 
this to the testfarm macosx client (to be set up very soon). so we can 
at lease see when a commit causes build regressions.

> I would like to support the Clam project by helping to take care of 
> the mac platform.

i'm currently working on it (using scons), hopefully today i can finish 
it and write the the build instructions including howto get all clam 
i'm very new to macosx building and packaging so i'll need all the help 
i can get. i'll write more mails on specific issues later.

> So as a first contribution I have a small issue about byte order and 
> Intel-compatibility on Mac:
> Since Mac OS may run on both Intel and PPC architectures, Apple 
> suggests to use the __BIG_ENDIAN__ and __LITTLE_ENDIAN__ macros to 
> distinguish endianess in their transition guide. The File 
> Defines/ByteOrder.hxx may then contain something like this:

thanks for the patch. it will be commited when testfarm is in green again.


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