[Clam-devel] release early next week

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Fri Mar 16 13:50:49 PDT 2007

last days david and me have been focusing on having the automatic
build system working for all applications and all platforms.
which are not few: debian sid, ubuntu feisty, edgy, fedora core
6, mac intel, mac powerpc, and windows.

we've been able to fix some bugs, as well (for example the
analysis bug in smstools). but not many. on monday we'll roll out
the 0,99 release, which will not be announced but will serve as
quick 1.0 sanity check.

david proposed a big jump in NetworkEditor version: from 0.4.4 to
1.0. since NE is clam's main app and its building tool and the
most stable and evolving, i think it's a good idea. otherwise,
"1.0" could perfectly be unnoticed for app users.

other apps will maintain keep their versioning.

arguments against it, before monday 12am andorra's time,
please, :-)


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