[Clam-devel] ladspa progress

Andreas Calvo flipy.bcn at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 03:12:01 PDT 2007

The last few days I've running some tests under the ladspa support for CLAM,
based on a UnitTest (LadspaFactoryTest) that Pau gave me.
That leaded to some big changes in the structure.
The main problem was that the current factory was not compatible with what
we need to wrap a ladspa plugin, so first step was to make a LadspaFactory
(and later we'll merge it with the current factory somehow).
On the other hand, as opposed as the current processing, Ladspa needed a
little bit more information. So there's a new class called
LadspaPluginExplorer which generates a structure that holds all the
information needed and give it to the ProcessingTree to generate the
LadspaTree (in fact, it's a use-and-trash object).
Next we created two new classes, LadspaWrapper and LadspaWrapperCreator...
Sure the name explains by itself, but first one it's a wrap of a ladspa
plugin, and the second one it's called in the LadspaFactory to store objects
with their key.
I'll add the patches, but I think they may be very unstable.
First add the ladspa patch, and then add the processing_tree patch.

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