[Clam-devel] mac osx compilation fixed and build scripts refactoring

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed Apr 11 06:40:36 PDT 2007

Dan and all, mac compilation is fixed, update your svn.

the problem was that in mac there is buildtools.py (in 
python/plat-mac/) which collided with our.

so the perfect time for a refactoring the too many helper files
(see below) into two new files. having less files and modules 
enables further simplifications of our build system.

commits 9986 and 9987 :

  * refactoring of build (python) helper scripts:
    - moved all buildtools functions and classes to
    (this fixes a bug: buildtools.py was a standard python module
     in mac)
    - moved all modconf functions and classes to
    - and so removed buildtools/ and modconf/ dirs

  * updated SConstruct and SConscripts after the buildtools and
    modconf refactoring

have fun!

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