[Clam-devel] PATCH: new ControlOperator class

Zach Welch zach-clam-devel at splitstring.com
Thu Apr 19 13:12:05 PDT 2007

Hi all,

The following class provides the ControlOperator processing, which can
perform different operations on its inputs.  The first set of operators
implemented are binary addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,
as well as unary trigonometric (cos, sin, tan, acos, etc.) and
logarithmic operators (log n, e^n).  These provide the ability to create
networks that compute arbitrarily complex functions of control values,
without having to write any actual code.  For example, the logarithmic
operations can be used to enhance the existing ControlSurface to achieve
exponential output ranges.

This patch should raise the question about the utility of ControlScaler,
since its functionality exists as a handful of lines in ControlOperator.
 Since it may be used in old networks and does provide a unary operator
 (using a pre-configured multiplier), I do not suggest removing it.

I wrote these for my own purposes, but I think they might be generally
useful for others.  I would be happy discussing possible additions,
fixes, or improvements to this patch, but I ask that it be committed if
it meets with initial approval.  I can address any follow-up issues as
they arise.


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