[Clam-devel] SMSTools visualization problems

Hernán Ordiales h at ordia.com.ar
Wed Apr 25 12:49:59 PDT 2007

hi all!

I was (at least trying) playing with SMSTools app, but i had a
problem: i can't visualize any data, and i have a lot of problems of
windows redrawing...

i tried many things without success... i have the same problem in all
my computers, both ubuntu dapper and in a debian based distro (similar
to studio64)

I tried both with packages (for ubuntu dapper ones from last year) and
compiled versions of my own.


Then, i remembered why i didn't have played with SMSTools before, and
the reason was that for me it crashed always but now i've discovered
why: I have to kill jack daemon first and then works :-)
It's a common issue don't? i mean conflicts with jack...

In the another hand, in one of my computers i got a dirty sound when
playing with SMSTools..., clues? (i have a SB Live 7.1 and by default
works at 4800Hz, could be that?)

btw, i had to add fftw3 flag in SConstruct (SMSTools) to get compiled
it when i updated from svn
and "env.AppendUnique" seems not work with older python versions like
2.4 (i replaced it with only 'Append')

Note: i was waiting for final feisty release to update, now i see it
was released some days ago... maybe its time

GnuPG: 0xEE8A3FE9

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