[Clam-devel] doubts about genderchange prototype

Hernán Ordiales h at ordia.com.ar
Wed Jun 20 21:12:03 PDT 2007

About hte genderchange prototype:
I don't know how to setup it well in qtdesigner, I've already fixed
another prototypes copying the InControl name in the connector at the
NE and replacing it in the ObjectName at designer, but with this seems
no work, and here there are two buttons with only one ObjectName

how i should configure the bool variable male/female here?

before (until my patch with bounds) was:
InControlBool__SMSGenderChange_0__Amount assigned only to female

another doubt:

i supposed that with something like this:

		bool ConcreteConfigure( const ProcessingConfig& config )
			return true;

I set the limits and also set-up the default value to the control, but
isn't, default value is always the mean value between min and max.

how can i solve it?

I'm also sending a patch setting bounds for the genderchange processing...

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