[Clam-devel] using eclipse

Greg Kellum greg.kellum at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 03:49:54 PDT 2007

Hi Xavier,

So, tell me...  How did you manage to get scons working inside of eclipse?
I installed everything and created a project for CLAM, but when I tried to
launch the scons build, I got the error:

Error launching builder (scons -u --implicit-cache platform=default
configuration=release . )
(Exec error:Cannot run scons)

I've fiddled some with the path it's using and the name of the executable
it's calling, but that hasn't helped.  How did you get this working?  Maybe,
you could add this to the WIKI when you have a moment?  (Or if you answer
this mail, I could add your response to the WIKI.)

By the way I also wanted to ask you how the best way to go about doing a
sinusoidal resynthesis (with no residual) would be in CLAM?  I would guess
that one would have to create a new composite -- something like
SinusoidalSynthesis -- that would call the SpectralSynthesis class, handle
the overlap and add, and handle the phase alignment, no?

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