[Clam-devel] adding spectrum magnitude to annotator discussion

bennett kolasinski bennett.kolasinski at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 22:40:40 PDT 2007

Hi David-
Adding SpectrumMagnitude to ClamExtractorExample seems to really blow things
up.  First off, ClamExtractorExample seems to be hanging on the call to
restoring the XML file now (with the last patch I sent):
CLAM::XMLStorage::Restore(toValidadDescription, poolFile);

I'm not sure if it's actually hung or just taking a really long time to
write what appears to be a 40.2 MB pool for a 3mb MP3 file.  Actually,
looking at the file that was allocated, it looks like it hasn't been touched
since it was initially written-- maybe the file has been written?  do you
have any reason to believe why XMLStorage::Restore() would hang (maybe
because it's such a large XML file)?  I just set it to run with the 'time'
command and will see if it finishes up (and how long it takes) by the time I
wake up in a few hours.  Interestingly the pool file that was allocated on
my hard drive was the same size whether I ran it with 512 bins or 10 bins.

Have you had a chance to run the patched ClamExtractorExample?  Am I running
it correctly by simply passing the desired audio file into it?

./ClamExtractorExample mp3file.mp3

ClamExtractorExample -s produces what appears to be a valid schema...

BTW, I believe the code changes to PoolFloatArrayDataSource that you
suggested are complete, but I don't want to send that patch until I get a
fresh look at it in the morning.

Any ideas would be appreciated!  Is SpectrumMagnitude too... 'dense' (?) for
Annotator?  Do we need a more efficient way of storing it than a plaintext

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