[Clam-devel] [PATCH] (work in progress) Harmonizer (read first! outdates other patch)

Hernán Ordiales h at ordia.com.ar
Tue Jul 10 17:15:25 PDT 2007

pau: forget about this, i've already found the solution. Was very
simple (as always, lol) that function was called passing another class
as argument... (and i didn't notice that until now :-/)
i don't understand why is compiling without errors or warnings (or at
least i didn't saw them... i was sending a different reference of the
one in the function signature), i think they inherit from the same
class or something like that...
roman goj: thanks for the clue you gave me at irc about
"typeid().name()" was very useful to find my bug.

sending a new patch that outdates that other patch (with your proposed
fixes about SetDefault and another uncommited things)


On 7/10/07, Hernán Ordiales <h at ordia.com.ar> wrote:
> On 7/10/07, Pau Arumi <parumi at iua.upf.edu> wrote:
> [snip]
> > > another question, i was trying to add the configuration object to
> > > harmonizer processing... but i'm getting this assert:
> > >
> > > At file scons/libs/core/include/CLAM/Processing.hxx line 396
> > > Configuring a Processing with a configuration not being the proper type.
> >
> > it is typically when you are passing an object which is not of the
> > same type as mConfig. if it's not the case, send a patch to
> > reproduce it.
> sending that patch (also with the fixes taking care of your comments[1])
> how do you get back the changes of a patch in your sandbox?
> [1] i know should be two separate patchs, but they would share at
> least one file and if you comment this line: CopyAsConcreteConfig(
> mConfig, config ); in SMSHarmonizer.cxx i think you can commit it
> without problems... if not i always can prepare anothers patchs :P
> thanks!
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GnuPG: 0xEE8A3FE9
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