[Clam-devel] Clam in the long run

Moritz FISER m.fiser at student.tugraz.at
Wed Aug 29 00:19:17 PDT 2007

Dear Clam Developers,

I'm currently working on my first app. using the Clam Network. It is  
supposed to set up a Network at the start and then run for a looong  

So far it is working quite well, but after an uptime of a day it's  
running into troubles. Since I implemented the processings and  
networkplayer myself I'm not sure if I perhaps made a mistake  
concerning the usage of ports there.

Anyway, I've analyzed the problem (which takes a while as you can  
imagine :P) and  tracked it down to the Consume() method in  
ReadingRegion.hxx, where mPos gets assigned Pos()+Hop(), which leads  
to an overflow of mPos in the long term of course, since it's called  
by the Do() of my processings every time.

Before looking too far into it, I decided to ask here for some further  
help, since it could just be a usage error on my side. Hope I could  
make my problem clear,

best regards

Moritz Fiser

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