[Clam-devel] My adventures with sample by sample processing (part II)

Xavier Amatriain xavier at create.ucsb.edu
Wed Jan 3 11:29:25 PST 2007

Ok, let me briefly try to explain it...

A static schedule is always made of a set of consecutive cycles that
repeat. That is, a cycle is the unique sequence of firings after which
the same sequence starts again. Therefore, every processing will be at
least fired once in the cycle.

The concept of branch is really not that well defined. In a sense it is
a "sub-cycle", that is a cycle for a subset of the processings in the
network. Because of different region sizes, it is clear that in every
cycle some processings need to be fired more than others. A "branch" is
the grouping of connected processings that need to be fired a particular
number of times in a cycle.

For instance if you have audio in + sample by sample processing + audio
out, you have three branches that make the cycle:

fire once: audio in
fire 512 (or whatever the framesize is): all the sample by sample
fire once: audio out

I could provide with a working example. The problem is that this means
overwriting the MainWindow.hxx file in the NetworkEditor because that is
where the Flow policy selection is done at the moment.

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