[Clam-devel] Standalone app from NetworkEditor

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Tue Feb 13 00:39:24 PST 2007

En/na Xavier Amatriain ha escrit:
> The other day I got a question on "how much standalone" was it really 
> the application that I was creating with the
> Prototyper. This is not the first time we get this question and it had 
> me thinking for a while. It is really not "fun" for people
> that develop apps to have to distribute the Prototyper if they want to 
> distribute the application (especially in binary).
Network based apps are not really bound to prototyper in any way.
Prototyper is just a generic network loader that comes very handy but 
not meant for particular app needs.
This is something David and me stressed very much in recent 
presentations: you can embed it, create plugins. It's as easy as 
creating a class instance.
For instance for a  VST plugin you could do :

VSTNetworkPlayer _network("spectralTransf.clamnetwork");
void process(...)

VSTNetwork is a subclasss of CallbackBasedNetworkPlayer

> My question is, wouldn't it be really easy to create an ad-hoc adapted 
> prototyper for every application by just loading the
> user network by default (not allowing to load anything else) and 
> possibly changing the name of the application according
> to the network name? This seems easy to either add to a script that 
> modifies the code and compiles, don't you think?

Is good you rise this, because at some point David and me precisely 
talked about (but not written down) adding a "create standalone app" 
action in NetworkEditor. But not by compiling C++ code but creating an 
executable script. Which is much easier.
I thing that plus a good how-to-write-your-standalone-prototyped-apps 
(for the totally c++ solution) would suffice.
What do you think?


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