[Clam-devel] today's commits

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed Mar 7 12:17:10 PST 2007


fixed FreewheelingNetworkPlayer, tests that use it and added a 
new binary in NetworkEditor. Use it like this:
OfflinePlayer <networkfile> <in.wav> <out.wav>
its code is really simple it could become a "how to program
with clam networks" or similar.

and lots of commits with improvements on debian packaging from
paul brossier. many thanks paul!


  * Fixed TestStreamingSMSAnalysisSynthesis now using

  * FreewheelingNetworkPlayer.cxx finished: now use audio
    data-objects as input and output buffers to the network
    "callback" Do

  * MonoAudioFileReader: removed GetAudioPort() not needed.

  * added new program (binary) in NetworkEditor: OfflinePlayer.
    Usage OfflinePlayer <networkfile> <in.wav> <out.wav>

  * NetworkEditor/SConstruct updated to compile OfflinePlayer

  * NetworkEditor/INSTALL added tip about using QTDIR

  * PrototypeLoader: remove code that explicitely choosed
    NaiveFlowControl. now takes the default FlowControl of the

  * deleted deprecated dirs in SMSTools: build/ and scons/

  * SMSTools/SConstruct updated so that now also compiles SMSBatch

  * CLAM/INSTALL added a troubleshooting note

  * debian/watch: add debian watch file, to use with uscan. please
    update tarball names (e.g. clam-0.99.tar.gz)

  * debian/rules: do not use QTDIR

  * debian/copyright: add download url

  * debian/rules: fix typo in SCONS_ENV

  * debian/dirs: remove dirs file (nothing in /usr/*bin and
    *.install files do the work)

  * debian/rules: always use the same scons options, remove blank
    lines, move scons configure to configure rules

  * debian/rules: remove commented lines from dh_make template

  * debian/*.install: add install files, use dh_install

  * debian/rules: make use of dh_installdocs to install files in

  * debian/*.ex: deleted useless dh_make templates

  * debian/control: add Section: libs to source package

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