[Clam-devel] segfault in TestFFT

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Thu May 24 09:51:02 PDT 2007

David García Garzón wrote:
> It was just that ooura and numrec implementations were not registered on the 
> Factory. I registered them and I changed the creation to use CreateSafe so 
> that a proper exception is generated. Update your repository. TestFarm is 
> green since 16:49:48 (Barcelona time) :-)
> Anyway 'Create' should have thrown an assert. Instead it just continued 
> running. I don't know why.

Strange. I've just checked that adding a CLAM_ASSERT in clam lib 
code works (throws and assert exception caught by cppunit). No 
idea what's happening in the network, then.

On the other hand, a CLAM_ASSERT_ASSERT does not work (it gets 
ignored). Either in lib code nor test code. Yes I did a configure 
release=0. The problem seems related to missing DEBUG macros.


> On Thursday 24 May 2007 17:15:18 Pau Arumi wrote:
>> David, do you have any idea why functional tests in linux (see
>> testfarm) are broken?
>> It segfaults at TestFFT.cxx line 84 (copied below) while deleting
>> a factory created processing. Debugging I saw that the pointer
>> value was 0x10. But no idea why this happens...
>> void setUp()
>> {
>> 	mProcessing =
>> (CLAM::FFT_base*)CLAM::Factory<CLAM::Processing>::GetInstance().Create(getP
>> rocessing()); }
>> void tearDown()
>> {
>> 	delete mProcessing;
>> }
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