[Clam-devel] Annotator status

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Fri Jun 1 05:51:39 PDT 2007

I added MFCC's to the extractor but i didn't apply the changes to the schema 
neither on the pools. Sorry. Fixed at svn 10168.

Now you can use the Tonnetz view to see the MFCC. Quite useless but you can 
imagine that using a BarGraph instead a Tonnezt is something not so far.

Anyway, this unexpected attribute on the computed pool should be handled more 
nicely. Any suggestion?

On Friday 01 June 2007 09:29:19 Xavier Amatriain wrote:
> I have been trying to use the Annotator according to the tutorial and
> using provided projects (in particular CLAMDescriptors.pro.
> The problem is that when you add a new song and compute descriptors the
> program crashes as soon as you select the song. The reason is that a
> particular descriptor (Mel coefficients) is not in the schema.
> Now, if you add this to the schema you can select the song but still get
> a program error (not crash) that tells you the descriptors were not
> loaded (the particulars of the message cannot be read, btw). Furthermore
> when adding this new descriptor to the schema the program crashes as
> soon as you select one of the already existing songs.

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