[Clam-devel] mac osx compilation

Pau Arum’i parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed Jan 23 03:53:18 PST 2008

good news on the mac osx front:

i've successfully compiled and run networkeditor and related apps.

- mac-ports have new valuable packages: portaudio and qt4-mac (version 
4.3.3) (aqua not x11), which makes the overall set up much easier!
- SConstruct and qt4.py sconstool needed some tweeks since the qt4 port 
install is different from the up-source binary install. we'll have to 
decide if support only the port version or both.
- the wiki osx build is updated

the bundle (.app) and package (.dmg) steps also works
BUT i it stucks building the libWidgetPlugin target:

/opt/local/bin/moc -o 
src/clamWidgetsPlugin/KeySpacePlugin.hxx:33: Error: Undefined interface

why is that?


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