[Clam-devel] some problems with the aggregation project

JunJun wangjun at dsp.ac.cn
Tue Jul 22 01:30:41 PDT 2008

hi, some problems with the aggregation project is listed as followed:

1. If the names "Song" and "Frame" are changed, ie., if they are mapped into "Track" and "TrackFrame", the attributes can not be displayed in the Annotator interface.

2. The ChildScope relationship appears playing a role in the project interface. When mapping, this relationship should be maintained. That brings one problem: How to remain the childscope relationship while changing the scope names? 
For instance, if ExtractedChord is mapped to TrackChord, then in the schema:
 <Attribute scope='Track' name='Harte' type='Segmentation'>
 <Attribute scope='TrackChord' name='Root' type='Enumerated'>
   <EnumerationValues>G G# A A# B C C# D D# E F F#</EnumerationValues>
In other words, the ChildScope relationship between TrackChord and Harte can not be identified.

3.In the map list, a line ("Song::Frames", "example", "Song::Frames") is necessary, or else the frame scope attributes can not be displayed correctly. 

4. The inconsistent frame size in different subextractors, e.g.,in Debaser-WoodenHouse.mp3.chords, it is <ScopePool name='Frame' size='1699'>. While in Debaser-WoodenHouse.mp3.pool, it is <ScopePool name='Frame' size='6837'>. That may be the reason of the incorrect display in the screenshot.

Anyway, too much chaos for me, any idea?

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