[Clam-devel] LockFreeSndfile with Controls

Ferran Orriols ferran.orriols at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 07:18:35 PDT 2008

Hi Clam,

This is a new patch for the processings LockFreeSndfile Player and writer
and the processings which not use the Lock Free algorithm (the simple
version). The player processings have been improved with two fundamental
controls: the Seek Control and the Pause-Play Control. The first one has an
input control which is used to seek the new position in the file and the
output is used to show the currently position in the slider. The other
control, has only an input control. If the value of the slider is lower than
0.5 then the file is paused and when is greater than 0.5 the file plays
since the last position of the file.

However, this controls has a problem with the LockFree version. This is
because we have a thread for change the position of the controls and other
thread for read the file. This is dangerous and has to be revised.

Finally the control pause-play is provisional. So it would be better have a
control to stop and play and not use the slider. I have attached an image to
see how the processing works with this two controls.

see you next patch!

Ferran Orriols
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