[Clam-devel] Refactoring CLAM Networks files

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Thu Oct 30 09:30:19 PDT 2008

Right now one of the harder parts of changing things in CLAM, such class 
names, port and control names, and config parameters was having to update the 
network files. I just programed a litle python module that is intended to be 
an smart migration tool for clam networks. It is located at 

Right now you can load a network by doing:
network = ClamNetwork('mynetwork.clamnetwork')

Then you can apply any of the smart operators available:
    network.renameConnector('AudioMixer', "inport", "Input 0", "lala")
    network.renameConfig('AudioMixer', "NumberOfInPorts", "NInputs")
    network.setConfigByType('AudioMixer', "NInputs", "14")
    network.setConfig('Gain 0', "Max", "2")
    network.addConfig('AudioMixer', 'Ramping', '1')
    network.addConfig('AudioMixer', 'NInputs', '96')
    network.removeConfig('AudioMixer', 'FrameSize')

Any help to enhance the script is welcome. Is very easy to add new 
functionality as it is based on simple XPath. Just check the existing 
commands. Some TODO's:

TODO: More operators: reorderConfig, renameProcessingInstance...
TODO: Making it easy to use on command line, not just as library
TODO: Reading 'migration scripts' with a set of those commands
TODO: Add CLAM version information into the networks and check it.
TODO: Being able to update also ui files


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