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Francisco Tufró nictuku at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 19:04:21 PDT 2008

So, we have a plenty of things to do, i'll retake the project when the
mixing and mastering of our new album is finished (one more week i think).
I'm happy to read this :D
I'll start testing some midi processings :D
On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 9:48 PM, David García Garzón <dgarcia at iua.upf.edu>wrote:

> I finally commited the changes needed to have Typed controls working.
> Thanks
> to Francisco, Hernan and Pau for their work in that nice feature. Still not
> fully working but at least we have done the main merge in a way that old
> and
> new controls can be used at the same time and that does not affect the
> upper
> levels. Indeed TypedControls are managed the same than controls. Still
> testing
> to do on that.
> Hernan and me changed Francisco code so that now InControl and
> TypedIncontrol
> are both subclasses of InControlBase (former BaseTypedInPort). We also
> removed the need of having a separate ControlRegistry for Typed and Float
> controls, so that now old and new style controls can be used in the same
> processing and hopefully used in the network.
> In summary:
> - Use FloatIn/OutControl to use controls as as now
> - Use TypedIn/OutControl to manage them all
> TODO's:
> * Testing a network with typed connections (it should work but who
> knows...)
> * Supporting not linking incompatible types (the testfarm red, i know, pau)
> * Graphical feedback for forbiden connections
> * Drawing controls with colors
> * Implement some ideas on how to add callback based controls without
> subclassing for every type. (Discussed with Hernan)
> Test, make it fail and enjoy ;-)
> David.
> (Seeing a webkit based browser rotated 45º reproducing a youtube video of
> 'Las
> ketchup', what a neck ache ;-) )
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