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David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Mon Mar 31 06:13:21 PDT 2008

BOCA code is not currently available. Just the scripts under Annotator/scripts 
which were developed both for Annotator and BOCA are available now. Also the 
lightweight webservice system we used for Simac Services is the one in 

Anyway the intent should not be reproducing BOCA system but either integrate 
the merger into annotator or providing web services.

Take a look at the restructuration of the ideas for Annotator.

On Diumenge 30 Març 2008, JunJun wrote:
> Thanks for mentors' fast refinement. I suppose we are clearer now.
> The part related to BOCA would be important to my proposal. For the time
> being, the most detailed description that I found about BOCA is in
> Perfecto's article "MUCOSA: A Music..." . It has described clearly about
> the framework and workflow of BOCA in 2005, and what I wonder is a more
> live BOCA's status such as the updated User-Friendly feature, the
> practicability of the "reviewer" module, etc..Where can I find it? (BTW,
> the link to http://simacservices.iua.upf.edu/boca is not available).
> Looking forward to the reply.
> Best,
> June

David García Garzón
(Work) dgarcia at iua dot upf anotherdot es
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