[Clam-devel] GSoC deadline extension

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 16:20:40 PDT 2008

David García Garzón wrote:
> El Thursday 03 April 2008 03:25:38 JunJun va escriure:
>> Hi, Natanael,
>> yes, my primary idea is around the area of Annotator merger/web services
>> based extractors. I have not finished the proposal yet. Once it's done,
>> I'll send it to you and expect some discussions to gain compatibility (or
>> even cooperation.) I can't link to the
>> http://nael.freehyperspace.com/GSoC/CLAM.html. Do you mind send the copy
>> through email to me? June
> I think you both over sized the project so even if both are choosen there is 
> room for two projects. There is a key infrastructure question: the merger and 
> then both propose description sources that can be done even without the 
> merger: VAMP support, web services as client... also there is the project of 
> extractors as web service (not client but server). Each element is a project 
> by itself. I suggest you to cover in your application the key question for 
> CLAM, the merger and then highlight as alternative the other projects you 
> might be interested that migth be a complement to this main project or an 
> alternative with a wider coverage just in case the other one take the merger.
> David.
David: thank you for your reply, and sorry for my late proposal update. 
I did it a few minutes ago (on the google page...)

Best regards,

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