[Clam-devel] GSoC, patch and questions...

Pau Arumí parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed Apr 23 08:01:26 PDT 2008

El dt 22 de 04 del 2008 a les 19:43 -0300, en/na Natanael Olaiz va
> Hi!
> To start learning the CLAM platform, Pau gave me this advice:
>     If you want to take a small useful
>     task, here goes one: "add Source/Sink by right clicking to a out/in
>     audio port ". It shouldn't be very hard since taking the add-monitors as
>     example. You can start with tentative code, that you can send as patches
>     and we'll comment.
> I did it partially (copying and pasting...), in a half way: to connect 
> the objects outputs to the AudioSink (I attached the patch file). But it 
> have a problem: it allows ALL TYPES output signals to connect to the 
> AudioSink.
> I copied the monitor implementations, which search the monitors with the 
> same type than the output, doing: "factory.GetKeys("port_monitor_type", 
> outportTypeId(_processings[i]->model(),portindex))".
> But I didn't found any similar descriptor (than "port_monitor_type") for 
> the input/output audio slots, so I used: "keys = 
> factory.GetKeys("description","AudioSink")" to search the AudioSink(s) 
> object(s), but without taking care to match the data types...

Hi Natanael, 

i'm very happy to receive this early patch :-)
Let's keep working on it:

The onAddOutput() method is ok, just rename it to onAddSink()

> Then my questions are:
>     - Using GetKeys("description","AudioSink") is a good way to match 
> those objects?

No, this is not necessary -- and neither the iteration on keys. As
simple as adding the action with a given description
menu->addAction( "Link with Audio

>     - There is a descriptor similar to "port_monitor_type" for 
> input/output audio slots? If yes, where I can found it?
>     - What is the better way to check the data types? (I think the 
> actual patch with a conditional could works..)

Ok, filtering by type is the tricky part. Look at the tip 8 lines above
your code:

Keys keys = factory.GetKeys("port_monitor_type",

This returns all the processing factory keys that have an attribute
"port_monitor_type" with value SomeType. Where SomeType is the clicked
port type. 

So this is what you need to call:
this returns and string. Experiment (for example printing it out) to
find which is the string corresponding to an Audio type. With that
you'll be able to add the needed "if".

If you add icons (even VERY draft ones) and the Source part, this will
be a wonderful patch to contribute.


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