[Clam-devel] TypedControls: asking for advice and opinions

Hernán Ordiales h at ordia.com.ar
Mon Jul 14 18:39:48 PDT 2008

ah, Francisco: please add the patch to this thread...

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 8:42 PM, Hernán Ordiales <h at ordia.com.ar> wrote:
> Hi all,
> On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 3:12 PM, Francisco Tufró <nictuku at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi, I've been trying to do the migration to TypedControls and we've some
>> problems.
>> Since the *ControlRegistry now is defined as std::list<BaseTyped*Control*>
>> the functions Get() and GetByNumber now return a BaseTyped*Control instead
>> of a *Control.
>> The same is happening with Get*Controls() which now returns a list<Base..>
>> instead of a list<*Control *>
>> So, every single code line using Get*Controls as well as Get() and
>> GetByNumber() has to be replaced.
>> As Pau proposed i wrote the function that connected a In to a temporary out
>> and sends the value, but that was just one of the appearances of the
>> problem.
> [snip]
>>  - For the already known problem (the one of this thread) i wrote the
>> following function
>> (i made also a version where an int is passed instead of the name, but is
>> essentially the same, for those places where GetByNumber was used):
>>     void SendFloatToInControl(Processing & receiver, const std::string &
>> inControlName, float value){
>>         TypedOutControl<float> controlSender;
>>         controlSender.AddLink(receiver.GetInControls().Get(inControlName));
>>         controlSender.SendControl(value);
>>     }
>> I tried to solve every one of these problems with the better solution i
>> thought, now i present these solutions:
> I'll reorder the problems you exposed and proposed solutions:
>> Those functiones were used in other circumstances:
>>   - Assignations: MIDIIO/MIDIKeyboard.cxx:        OutControl& outVelocity =
>> mNoteIn.GetOutControls().GetByNumber(2);
>> The first i had to do a static cast, i don't like this solution, but the
>> code needs to be rewritten to avoid it, this happends also in NetworkEditor
>> and Annotator.
> This seems the more ugly...
>>   - To access in controls defined in parent classes:
>> SpectralSpread.hxx:
>> GetInControl("Amount").DoControl(100);
>> The second was solved with this function also, but passed *this as argument.
> ok, but if controls are protected (or public) i think you can use the
> var name instead (like third case) and if not, i think they should...
>>   - also (don't know why) in the Initialization function of some processings
>> (where the controls were accesible by its own variable name, but anyways
>> they were referenced with Get*Controls:
>> FrameTransformation.hxx:
>> GetInControl("Amount").DoControl(0.);
>> The third was solved replacing the lines using the variable name.
> ok for me.
>> Another of these problems was that GetInControl was used to ask for
>> GetLastValue of an InControl, for this i wrote:
>> float GetFloatFromInControl(Processing & proc, const std::string &
>> inControlName){
>>         InControl& in = (InControl&)(proc.GetInControl(inControlName));
>>         return in.GetLastValue();
>>     }
>> This needed a typecast, but static. I'm not so sure about this solution.
>> This was needed in the SMSDeesser lines 44-47.
> ok
>> Also there were some places that used GetOutControl to do a SendControl,
>> with these i used this function:
>>     void SendFloatToOutControl(Processing & sender, int inControlIndex,
>> float value){
>>         OutControl& out =
>> (OutControl&)(sender.GetOutControls().GetByNumber(inControlIndex));
>>         out.SendControl(value);
>>     }
>> Again, a cast was needed, used in MIDIInControl.hxx.
> ok
>> Hope you can help me with this and tell me how to best solve the migration
>> problem.
>> bye!
> Well, actually we already discussed those problems in private, now I'm
> interested to hear Pau and David opinions about all these cases since
> are very close to the clam core and I'd like to know if have better
> ideas or think the patch is ready for commitment...
> Franciso's patch with these solutions compiles[1] and pass all tests
> and he was already playing a bit with networks at a (patched) NE and
> clam lib.
> [1] at least NE and clam lib, I think is pending a similar review to
> annotator and smstools but i hope that no new use case emerge
> cheers
> --
> Hernán
> http://h.ordia.com.ar
> GnuPG: 0xEE8A3FE9

GnuPG: 0xEE8A3FE9

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