[Clam-devel] NE add linked processings with automatic naming

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 05:51:24 PDT 2008

El 07/17/2008 08:32 AM, David García Garzón escribió:
> On Dijous 17 Juliol 2008, Natanael Olaiz wrote:
> [...]
>>     2) if you add a lot of multiple connections processings using this,
>> you will be carrying all the previous connections. :-)
> I don't fully understand what you mean with this.
> [...]

Ups, I though you were asking here for the global idea... not just the 

I wanted to mean there that using the main linker name (instead class 
name) to generate the name, if you use in severals multiple added linked 
connections it will generate a complex name with the previous of the 
previous (of the....) linker.

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