[Clam-devel] Aggregator

JunJun wangjun at dsp.ac.cn
Tue Jul 22 19:17:46 PDT 2008

> Jun, i just changed the extractors path to be pathless, this is it should 
> require the executables to be in the path. An 'scons install' should do the 
> magic provided that your XX:/mingw/local/bin is in the PATH. I also removed 
> the exe extension as i guess it is not needed to run an executable in windows 
> and this way is compatible with linux that has no executable extension. Just 
> try current status and tell me whether it works. Delete previous pool files.

yes, an exe extension is not needed. Yet, I used to report a problem that after "scons install", the files which should be installed into XX:/mingw/local/bin were installed into the same path with the SConstruct instead. Remember? Why? So I have to copy the executables manually to the path.

> To have it working on linux i had to do small fixes on the path management. 
> Just check that this all works in windows again.

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