[Clam-devel] multiple ports

Dirk Griffioen dirk.griffioen at barcelonamedia.org
Mon May 18 09:48:17 PDT 2009


Attached  a new patch for the multiports functionality.

When NetworkEditor loads a file it checks for 'AudioIn/Out' string, if 
present then an alert is presented to the user that the network will be 
updated when saved.

If you dont save then the clamfnetwork file is left untouched.

If you save, the clamnetwork file is updated to use '0', '1' etc as 
portnames and you will not need the clamrefactor.oy script.

You can add more ports to an existing source/sink and this will be save 
correctly, as internally the port is called '0' and new ports number on 
(1, 2, etc).

It might be possible to give the user choice in wheter or not the file 
should be saved in the new format, however, you then will get a mixed 
situation with old and new portnames which is kind of a kludge ...

Best, Dirk
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