[Clam-devel] croscompiler

dirk.griffioen dirk.griffioen at barcelonamedia.org
Thu Jun 11 09:35:51 PDT 2009


After first trying native compiling (microsoft & mingw - both are 
broken) I tried the crosscompile setup as I would like the opportunity 
to add boost.

I wanted to setup anew because I don't want to break the existing one ...

However, I am having problems with a few libs:
- xerces does not finish because 'dllwrap' is not found
- libmad does not compile because libtool goes wrong

Is there a simple solution known?

Futher, the gtk setup chokes wine to death, so I tried it a couple more 
times - I think it is okay now ...

The rest is fine, so if the other 2 work I would be interested to see 
how boost can be added.


(PS - I did setup in a virtual machine, so you can get a copy for your 
own crosscompiler)

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