[Clam-devel] croscompiler

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Thu Jun 11 10:04:19 PDT 2009

On Thursday 11 June 2009 18:35:51 dirk.griffioen wrote:
> Hi,
> After first trying native compiling (microsoft & mingw - both are
> broken) I tried the crosscompile setup as I would like the opportunity
> to add boost.
> I wanted to setup anew because I don't want to break the existing one ...
> However, I am having problems with a few libs:
> - xerces does not finish because 'dllwrap' is not found


If that still gives you problems you can even disable it as long as you have 
libxml++ working.

> - libmad does not compile because libtool goes wrong

Did you applied the pkg-config patch?

> Futher, the gtk setup chokes wine to death, so I tried it a couple more
> times - I think it is okay now ...
> The rest is fine, so if the other 2 work I would be interested to see
> how boost can be added.

Just proceed to install it with prefix in the sandbox and append the procedure 
you follow in the wiki page. Then we should add the proper configuration part 
in the scons script, we can do that together if you want.

> (PS - I did setup in a virtual machine, so you can get a copy for your
> own crosscompiler)

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