[Clam-devel] Parameters For MFCC Extraction

paul simmons pauls631 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 05:37:44 PDT 2009

I am trying to setup a MFCC extraction project, which uses some pre
determined parameters previously in HTK.
I cannot find exact method/property matches to use while setting those
parameters, Here are HTK config parameters and  what I can and can't

TARGETRATE =  Not sure which method to use, and what is the unit of
this? e.g. HTK uses 10 ns
WINDOWSIZE =  I use SpectralAnalysisConfig.SetWindowSize() , but unit
problem is same as TARGETRATE
PREEMCOEF = can't find exact method
NUMCHANS = can't find exact method
CEPLIFTER = can't find exact method
NUMCEPS = can't find exact method
USEHAMMING = SpectralAnalysisConfig.SetWindowType
SOURCERATE = what is the unit of this? e.g. HTK uses 10 ns
LOFREQ= MelFilterBankConfig.SetLowCutOff
ENORMALISE=can't find exact method

Can you please confirm whether I use true methods, and guide me about
the methods I cannot find? Thanks...

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