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Very interesting for CLAM developers in Barcelona... Kyma is a classical 
example of music composition framework. And some
of the constructs in CLAM were inspired by it. Don't miss the 
opportunity to see Carla Scaletti et al.

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* First International Kyma Symposium 8-10 October 2009*

Symbolic Sound Corporation's Kyma X is a powerful visual programming 
language for music and sound, originally created in 1987 and still going 
strong today. The Kyma sound design environment is used by composers, 
researchers and sound designers for realtime sound generation and 

The First International Kyma Symposium will be held from the 8-10 
October 2009 at the Niu Espai Artistic Contemporani in Poble Nou, Barcelona.

Current and potential Kyma practitioners are invited to attend an 
in-depth 3 day interactive conclave devoted to the technical and 
artistic aspects of the Kyma sound design language.

The preliminary program includes master classes presented by Carla 
Scaletti and Kurt Hebel, the creators of Kyma, papers and demos 
presented by Kyma practitioners and professional users , plus a program 
of concerts, installations and performances in the Niu art space of 
Poble Nou.

Cost: €80 for the workshops, concerts and lunch on both days. 
The concert evenings are open to the general public, with a €3 door fee. 

*To register:* http://www.no-future.com/erutufon/showthread.php?t=29024
Registration is open now, and places are limited to 20. 

Organisers: Station 55 Productions in co-operation with Niu, Symbolic 
Sound, TC Electronic Spain and the LEM Festival.
*Venue*: Niu Espai Artistic Contemporani 

*For more information*: For up-to-the-minute information on schedules, 
maps, accommodations, travel, and discussions, please join the erutufon 
forum (there is no cost to join the forum): 

Symbolic Sound and Station 55 invite you to share your ideas, 
experiences and art with fellow practitioners at the First Kyma 
Symposium by attending the symposium and interacting with your fellow 
Kyma practitioners!

The First International Kyma Symposium is scheduled for 8-10 October 
2009 in the vibrant Poble Nou neighborhood of Barcelona during the 
annual LEM festival. The preliminary program includes master classes 
presented by the creators of Kyma, papers and demos presented by Kyma 
practitioners, and a program of concerts, live improvised silent film 
scores, and culminating with Saturday night/Sunday morning dancing at 
the Moog_ (http://www.masimas.com/moog/_) to Cristian Vogel's Never 
Engine. You are invited to learn, to share, to meet, and to enjoy!

Kyma Symposium in Barcelona 8-10 October 2009
/Preliminary/ Program (as of 31 August 2009)
For schedule updates and discussions, please join the erutufon forum 
(there is no cost to join the forum): 

THURS (8 October 2009)
18:00 meet & greet
w/ DJ Pacarana: installation created by Cristian Vogel with 
participation of the international Kyma user community
21:00 close.

11:00 Welcome
11:30 Carla Scaletti & Kurt Hebel: "Recombinance Makes Us Human": 
Philosophy of Kyma
                        Demo of Recently Added Features
14:00 ---Lunch at Bharma
16:00 Camille Troillard: New Developments in OSCulator (1 hour)
17:00 Hector Bravo-Benard: Using the AC Toolbox with Kyma (30' lecture + 
10' piece)
17:45----Coffee Break----
18:00 Cristian Vogel: The Black Swan: Composing with Kyma for Dance (1 hour)
19:00 Eckard Vossas: Improvising with Kyma: Miniaturen X, Cecil 
Variations B, Lehnade 2: (30')
19:45---Break for concert setup--

20:00 Franz Danksagmüller: Kökarlen: Silent film + voice +live Kyma & 
voice (~2 hrs)
22:00 close.

11:00 Carla Scaletti Kurt /Hebel: Composing with Kyma: Vector spaces, 
Timeless nonlinear timelines, sequencing
                   CapyTalk, Smalltalk, Tools
14:00 ---Lunch at Bharma (www.bharma.com <http://www.bharma.com>)

16:00 Bruno Liberda: siebenmal gefärbt: Addicted to Kyma (1 hour)

17:00 Cristian Vogel: Kyma in the Club: The Never Engine (1 hour)

18:00 ---break--- (set up and sound checks for concert)

19:00 SAT CONCERT at Niu
* Carla Scaletti: SlipStick for Continuum and Kyma (~10')
* Marin Vrbica: Tiger in the Jungle: Video + Live Performer (~10')
* Hector Bravo-Benard: Styrotron: Live Kyma performance (~10')
* Franz Danksagmüller: Frtiz Lang's Metropolis: Silent film + Live Kyma 
accompaniment (~30')
21:00 close.

1:30 AM * Cristian Vogel: Never Engine (Live Kyma!)
The Moog_ http://www.masimas.com/moog/_
Arc del teatre 3 Las Ramblas.


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