[clam-devel] CLAM problems: CLAM jack instances and CLAM widgets in QT Designer

Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 08:17:51 PST 2010

Hey guys!
Sorry for invading the mailing list with letters, but being a new user, I
constantly run into problems and google does not seem to help.

Problem 1.
When I am working in Network Editor, almost each time I start and stop NE, a
new instance of it would get created, so in qjackctl I would see a new group
which I would need to reconnect to the system playback.

Problem 2.
In QT Designer there is no CLAM Widgets group. I did copy the
libCLAMWidgets.so to /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/designer/ - it did not help.

Louigi Verona.
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