[clam-devel] Can CLAM be used to write such a piece of software?

Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 07:33:08 PST 2010

Hey guys!
I have stumbled upon CLAM. It looks like a very fundamental framework. But
before diving into studying it, I would like to know whether it can really
achieve my goal.

Some time ago, when I was a Windows user, I used a BASS audio library to
write software to help me in my ambient composing. The software is able to
do several simple things - play a sound once, play a sound looped and also
it was able to do a special function I've written for it, called random
play. What it did was allow you to set a time period, during which a sound
would be triggered once. As the sound would finish playing, the process
would restart. So, in effect, what it did was trigger loops randomly. By
changing the random play period, the musician can control, more or less, the
frequency with which the sound would be triggered. So, if the random play
period is 20 seconds, for the most time the sound would get triggered each
10 seconds or so - for the most part the random values would group around
half of what the period is.

By having several of these applications started, the musician would have a
very cool soundscape forming in real time. You can see an example of this

Anyway, on Linux this doesn't run. Even under WINE. Also, I would love to
use JACK for this.

So, my question is this: can CLAM be used to create an application of that
sort? With a random seed and a timer to trigger the loaded sound?

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