[clam-devel] error setup linux with Devel/Windows MinGW cross compile

Luciano Marfil luchomarfil at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 10:49:30 PDT 2010

Hello, I tried to follow the tutorial
http://clam-project.org/wiki/Devel/Windows_MinGW_cross_compile to configure
my linux environment to compile CLAM libraries and can use them on Windows.
But I'm not sure you're doing things correctly, like I had problems trying
to install GTK on wine, because my wine version: 1.0.1 version does not
support such high gtkmm-win32-devel-2.10.11- 1.

Well among other problems I would like to know:
What is the version of ubuntu as a starting point to follow the tutorial?
I have installed Ubuntu Karmic

Are able to forgive my poor English, I'm from Argentina. Greetings and thank
everyone in advance
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