[clam-devel] error setup linux with Devel/Windows MinGW cross compile

David García Garzón david.garcia at barcelonamedia.org
Tue Apr 13 13:51:49 PDT 2010

On Tuesday 13 April 2010 19:49:30 Luciano Marfil wrote:
> Hello, I tried to follow the tutorial
> http://clam-project.org/wiki/Devel/Windows_MinGW_cross_compile to
> configure my linux environment to compile CLAM libraries and can use them
> on Windows. But I'm not sure you're doing things correctly, like I had
> problems trying to install GTK on wine, because my wine version: 1.0.1
> version does not support such high gtkmm-win32-devel-2.10.11- 1.

high? what does it means?

> Well among other problems I would like to know:
> What is the version of ubuntu as a starting point to follow the tutorial?
> I have installed Ubuntu Karmic

Current official clam binaries were built with gtkmm-win32-devel-2.10.11-1, 
using a lucid as it were at that time (almost a karmic).

Is important to use the Qt 4.5.3 binary as newer versions are not binary 
compatible with ubuntu's mingw. Ubuntu's mingw still uses the old exception 
handling mechanism which has changed in current mingw version for windows.

Just try, and dump us the problems you get.


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