[clam-devel] error setup linux with Devel/Windows MinGW cross compile

Luciano Marfil luchomarfil at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 18:53:45 PDT 2010

> On Tuesday 13 April 2010 19:49:30 Luciano Marfil wrote:
> > Hello, I tried to follow the tutorial
> > http://clam-project.org/wiki/Devel/Windows_MinGW_cross_compile to
> > configure my linux environment to compile CLAM libraries and can use them
> > on Windows. But I'm not sure you're doing things correctly, like I had
> > problems trying to install GTK on wine, because my wine version: 1.0.1
> > version does not support such high gtkmm-win32-devel-2.10.11- 1.

> high? what does it means?

I meant that there is a bug in the GTK package with Wine version 1.0.1. This
bug is fixed in the latest wine version, version 1.1.39. This wine is not
available in Karmic, because the highest version available in the
repositories for Wine is 1.1.32.

I know that one solution might be to compile the package from source code,
but I choose to install Lucyd. Then follow the tutorial "WinMg cross
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