[clam-devel] Job offer at BarcelonaMedia: Real-time audio software developers

Pau Arumí pau.arumi at barcelonamedia.org
Mon Jun 7 02:17:46 PDT 2010

Dear All, 

The following position may be of interest to you.
Please forward to anyone interested. Apologies in case of double

==== About the Barcelona Media Audio Group ====

Fundacio Barcelona Media (BM) is a research centre created to foster the
competitiveness of the Catalan and Spanish media and communication
industry through innovative research activities and projects. BM
promotes technology generation and development; research and creativity;
transfer of research results to industry; promotion of the research
results to society at large; training in all areas of communication; and
social awareness of the communication industry in a culture of

The Audio Group research embraces the whole chain of audiovisual
productions, focusing specially on 3D surround sound technologies, from
capturing, to post-production, to exhibition. Two main general goals are
to automatize the capture and post-production workflow by automatic
audio adaptation to given 3D scenes, and to make it easily adaptable to
any final exhibition system (surround 5.1, 7.1, 22.2, binaural or 3D
stereo, etc.). 

Audio group home page: http://www.barcelonamedia.org/linies/10/en

==== Profile ====

We are looking for one or more experienced software engineers with
experience in real-time audio processing.  
The candidate should preferably have a degree on Computer Science,
although other profiles might be taken into account.

==== Required skills ====

      * Real-time programming techniques: lock-free multi-threading
        programming, synchronisation of events from different clocks,
      * Digital audio processing techniques.
      * Software-engineering practices for developing large software
        systems: Design patterns, agile methodologies such as simple
        design, refactoring and automatic testing. In general, a keen 
        sense for the aesthetics of code, documentation and interfaces.
        and thoroughness in all aspects of software development.
      * The ability and willingness to work with a team, communicate
        well, adhere to standards, share code ownership, use versioning
        systems, etc.
      * Programming languages: Proficiency in C++, but also C and Python
      * Operating systems: GNU/Linux and Mac OS X

==== Other valuable skills ====

      * Experience with real-time audio environments (PureData, Max/MSP,
        Supercollider, Faust, CLAM, etc.)
      * Plugin development experience with architectures such as:
        LADSPA, LV2, VST, Audio Units and Protools RTAS.
      * Experience with communication protocols such as OSC and MIDI.
      * Experience with time-code protocols such as LTC, MTC and MMC
      * Knowledge in acoustics technologies
      * Knowledge in audio and video streaming codecs and architectures.
      * 3D modeling: Blender or Maya or 3D studio
      * Qt graphical toolkit
      * Scons build system
      * Knowledge in electronics

==== What we offer ====

We offer an opportunity to work in one exciting and creative project
related to 3D audio for cinema. The job also includes developing systems
for 3D audio exhibition, post-production and interaction, with
applications ranging from 3D digital cinema, to sports broadcasting, and
video-games. Salary will depend on experience and skills.

Side opportunities: perform strategic research in a new promising
domain, work in a small-medium young and multidisciplinary including
physicists, software engineers and sound designers, collaborate with
people from the industry and from other academic research groups,
establish contacts with the international audio research community
through the attendance to international conferences, etc.

==== How to apply ====

To apply, send email to jobs at barcelonamedia.org / cc:
toni.mateos at barcelonamedia.org, pau.arumi at barcelonamedia.org with the
subject "Audio job"

      * A brief presentation letter stating your interest in the offer.
      * A CV
      * Optionally, code samples (non open-source samples will be
        treated confidentially)

==== More background about Barcelona Media ====

BM grew from the Communication Station set up by Universitat Pompeu
Fabra in 2001. It is a member of the Catalan and Spanish network of
Technology Centres, and is the only one devoted to the Media sector.
BM’s trustees are representatives of the Media industry, the Catalan
Government, Barcelona City and four universities. BM has an extremely
strong record in European collaborative R&D and Innovation projects,
both as partner and coordinator. BM is currently involved in 14 EU
funded research projects in information and communication technologies
with over 5 million € EC funding. BM was coordinator of an FP6 IP and 2
STREPs, including IP-RACINE which researched and developed digital
cinema technologies ‘from scene to screen’. It is now coordinating the
FP7 ICT IP 2020 3D Media, developing 3D digital cinema and home
entertainment. Other directly relevant projects are IP SALERO
(‘intelligent content’ objects with context-aware behaviours), SEMEDIA
(Search Environments for MEDIA) and FP5 SPEED-FX (very high resolution
real-time graphic interaction for digital cinema). 

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