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I am interested in the job and sent an email but not sure if it was sent
properly as I received this message;

rfc822;jobs at barcelonamedia.org<rfc822%3Bjobs at barcelonamedia.org>
Action: failed
Status: 5.7.1
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Can anyone tell me what this means?

On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 7:17 PM, Pau Arumí <pau.arumi at barcelonamedia.org>wrote:

> Dear All,
> The following position may be of interest to you.
> Please forward to anyone interested. Apologies in case of double
> posting.
> ==== About the Barcelona Media Audio Group ====
> Fundacio Barcelona Media (BM) is a research centre created to foster the
> competitiveness of the Catalan and Spanish media and communication
> industry through innovative research activities and projects. BM
> promotes technology generation and development; research and creativity;
> transfer of research results to industry; promotion of the research
> results to society at large; training in all areas of communication; and
> social awareness of the communication industry in a culture of
> innovation.
> The Audio Group research embraces the whole chain of audiovisual
> productions, focusing specially on 3D surround sound technologies, from
> capturing, to post-production, to exhibition. Two main general goals are
> to automatize the capture and post-production workflow by automatic
> audio adaptation to given 3D scenes, and to make it easily adaptable to
> any final exhibition system (surround 5.1, 7.1, 22.2, binaural or 3D
> stereo, etc.).
> Audio group home page: http://www.barcelonamedia.org/linies/10/en
> ==== Profile ====
> We are looking for one or more experienced software engineers with
> experience in real-time audio processing.
> The candidate should preferably have a degree on Computer Science,
> although other profiles might be taken into account.
> ==== Required skills ====
>      * Real-time programming techniques: lock-free multi-threading
>        programming, synchronisation of events from different clocks,
>        etc.
>      * Digital audio processing techniques.
>      * Software-engineering practices for developing large software
>        systems: Design patterns, agile methodologies such as simple
>        design, refactoring and automatic testing. In general, a keen
>        sense for the aesthetics of code, documentation and interfaces.
>        and thoroughness in all aspects of software development.
>      * The ability and willingness to work with a team, communicate
>        well, adhere to standards, share code ownership, use versioning
>        systems, etc.
>      * Programming languages: Proficiency in C++, but also C and Python
>      * Operating systems: GNU/Linux and Mac OS X
> ==== Other valuable skills ====
>      * Experience with real-time audio environments (PureData, Max/MSP,
>        Supercollider, Faust, CLAM, etc.)
>      * Plugin development experience with architectures such as:
>        LADSPA, LV2, VST, Audio Units and Protools RTAS.
>      * Experience with communication protocols such as OSC and MIDI.
>      * Experience with time-code protocols such as LTC, MTC and MMC
>      * Knowledge in acoustics technologies
>      * Knowledge in audio and video streaming codecs and architectures.
>      * 3D modeling: Blender or Maya or 3D studio
>      * Qt graphical toolkit
>      * Scons build system
>      * Knowledge in electronics
> ==== What we offer ====
> We offer an opportunity to work in one exciting and creative project
> related to 3D audio for cinema. The job also includes developing systems
> for 3D audio exhibition, post-production and interaction, with
> applications ranging from 3D digital cinema, to sports broadcasting, and
> video-games. Salary will depend on experience and skills.
> Side opportunities: perform strategic research in a new promising
> domain, work in a small-medium young and multidisciplinary including
> physicists, software engineers and sound designers, collaborate with
> people from the industry and from other academic research groups,
> establish contacts with the international audio research community
> through the attendance to international conferences, etc.
> ==== How to apply ====
> To apply, send email to jobs at barcelonamedia.org / cc:
> toni.mateos at barcelonamedia.org, pau.arumi at barcelonamedia.org with the
> subject "Audio job"
>      * A brief presentation letter stating your interest in the offer.
>      * A CV
>      * Optionally, code samples (non open-source samples will be
>        treated confidentially)
> ==== More background about Barcelona Media ====
> BM grew from the Communication Station set up by Universitat Pompeu
> Fabra in 2001. It is a member of the Catalan and Spanish network of
> Technology Centres, and is the only one devoted to the Media sector.
> BM’s trustees are representatives of the Media industry, the Catalan
> Government, Barcelona City and four universities. BM has an extremely
> strong record in European collaborative R&D and Innovation projects,
> both as partner and coordinator. BM is currently involved in 14 EU
> funded research projects in information and communication technologies
> with over 5 million € EC funding. BM was coordinator of an FP6 IP and 2
> STREPs, including IP-RACINE which researched and developed digital
> cinema technologies ‘from scene to screen’. It is now coordinating the
> FP7 ICT IP 2020 3D Media, developing 3D digital cinema and home
> entertainment. Other directly relevant projects are IP SALERO
> (‘intelligent content’ objects with context-aware behaviours), SEMEDIA
> (Search Environments for MEDIA) and FP5 SPEED-FX (very high resolution
> real-time graphic interaction for digital cinema).
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