[clam-devel] clam under ubuntu 10.10

David García Garzón david.garcia at upf.edu
Sat Nov 27 06:10:07 PST 2010

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A Divendres 26 Novembre 2010 22:14:26, Richard C. Rath va escriure:
> Hi,
> I have wanted to try CLAM for many years, and at one time even got an early
> version of SMS running under windows, but then had no luck after that.   I
> have since switched to ubuntu (10.10) and decided to try CLAM again, but
> have had little luck in getting anything running.  I compiled the main
> library successfully I think, but the instructions are not clear for:
>  *   compiling the other elements from source,

The library and the apps (NetworkEditor, Chordata..) have an INSTALL file in 
their root with install instruction, and they are quite ubuntu centric 
including the list of packages dependencies so it should work for you but tell 
us if something does not.

>  *   or for how to install plugins, or

From sources just run 'scons && sudo scons install' for each plugin.

>  *   how to start a program once it is installed successfully.

As for most free software, the default installation prefix is /usr/local to be 
separated from the official distribution software. But, by default, 
/usr/local/bin is not in $PATH and /usr/local/lib is not in $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. 
Try redefining such variables properly to include such dirs or just install all 
the software using the prefix=/usr scons option.

>  *   The compile instructions are not clear as to what needs to be run
> under sudo. 

Normally 'scons install' requires sudo if you install in a system directory 
because plain users do not have write permisions outside their home directory. 
The INSTALL file also includes instructions on how to install it in your home 
directory if you are not a sudoer.

> *   Chordata has no instructions I can find at all.

A tutorial including a video: http://clam-project.org/wiki/Chordata_tutorial

No magic. Just run the program, open an mp3 file, wait for the analysis to 
finish and watch the views run. If you hover a view, a pop up will explain its 

>  * I tried to install via the .debs, but I get an unstrusted source
> error, and I cannot find a software key anywhere on the site, so the debs
> do not work.Plus they are listed as working on prior versions but not
> 10.10.
> I was hoping getting CLAM running under linux would be smoother than
> windows. I realize this is stuff that is obvious to you guys, but I have
> been unable to figure any of it out for myself.  If you help me get things
> running under ubuntu, I'd be glad to compile (in the textual rather than
> coding sense!) the instructions into a basic HOWTO for how to get up and
> running on that platform.  It would be great if there were a software key
> allowing install of the .debs..
> I think I successfully compiled annotator and network editor from source
> using the defaults (annotator I did not compile under sudo, the editor I
> did, so I am not sure if that is correct) but I cannot find anything to
> execute to load any interface.
> Can you help me get things running?  I'd really like to try the programs
> again under linux.

Normally untrusted sources are not a fatal error but a warning, just ignore it 
and accept installation. Yep, packages are not signed, sorry. And you are 
right, we just built packages for ubuntu distros available at clam release 
time. Anyway, package recompilation should be easy. Just:

add a deb-src line, with the same path the one you added for binary sources
for srcpackage in clam clam-networkeditor clam-plugins clam-chordata; do
	apt-get source --compile $srcpackage
	sudo dpkg -i *deb

It might not work, for example, if some source dependency was renamed.

Please, vote or support ubuntu and debian bugs to get clam included and 
maintained with those distros. We cannot do more distro stuff than we are doing 
now without stopping developing clam itself.

David García Garzón
(Work) david dot garcia at upf anotherdot edu

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