[Clam-devel] a new release?

Pau Arumí pau.arumi at barcelonamedia.org
Thu Jan 21 04:45:23 PST 2010

El dj 21 de 01 de 2010 a les 08:13 +0100, en/na michael noble va
> hi folks, 
> I know this is a developer list, and well, I'm not a developer, but I
> do lurk here watching the development of CLAM. Lots of exciting things
> seem to have gone into the Network Editor, but actually, to the public
> eye, there has been no new release since August 12, 2008, when 1.3.0
> came out. Don't get me wrong, I understand open-source projects mostly
> work by the "it'll come when its ready" philosophy. I also know that
> one could get source at any time to try out new developments. That
> being said, I do think significant milestone releases have an
> important role to play, even if only symbolic. You know - generate
> buzz, spur repositories to update, generate a broader user base, maybe
> encourage some new developers to come on board!
> So I'm just wondering, is the long-time-coming 1.4 release any closer?
> Perhaps you're so busy having fun developing that the release has been
> de-prioritized? Perhaps I just got spoiled by the short time frames
> between releases leading up to 1.3.  Basically, I'm just curious to
> know what's happening with CLAM as a public release?

Fair question. 
Clam development is today mostly driven by the needs (and resources) of
BarcelonaMedia audio group, which doesn't use releases but subversion
versions.  However, having a release soon is in our agenda!


> all the best
> Michael N

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