[clam-devel] Freeze for 1.4.0

David García Garzón david.garcia at upf.edu
Fri Mar 5 09:58:30 PST 2010

A Divendres 05 Març 2010 12:48:10, David García Garzón va escriure:
> A Dijous 04 Març 2010 22:14:42, David García Garzón va escriure:
> > A Dijous 04 Març 2010 17:21:55, David García Garzón va escriure:
> > > Lads, it is time for a release. Testfarm is green, changelogs are
> > > updated, cross your fingers and hold your commits for a while. Say
> > > cheeeeeese.
> > 
> > 1.4.0 'tagged' as r14011
> > Still building binaries...
> Failed. Current candidate r14018

Got it! finally r14032 is 1.4.0!!!!!

Source tarballs are available at the download page. Binaries will be there in 

I was not able to build debian package for chordata because imagemagick svg to 
xpm conversions is broken in sid. Not a big problem though.

I also had to disable osc plugin as it was not direct to set it up so that its 
dependency on the sndfile plugin library can be fullfilled without installing it 
in the system. Anyway, packaging can be fixed later and it is a miss that can 
stop the release. It took for so longer.

Let's do screenshots, videos and the announcement!

David García Garzón
(Work) david dot garcia at upf anotherdot edu

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