[clam-devel] --SPAM--::Re: Freeze for 1.4.0

michael noble looplog at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 20:23:59 PST 2010

> It is likely to be related. NetworkEditor looks for plugins at /usr/lib/clam
> if SuSe packaging install them in /usr/lib64/clam, it wont work. But if that
> is the problem, it can be worked around by defining the CLAM_PLUGIN_PATH
> environ properly.
> Is there a separate package for the plugins in SuSE?

I imagine Toni would be the person to ask, but it appears there are no
plugins installed at all. This has actually been a problem for me
under openSUSE in all versions of CLAM I've tried - the plugins have
never been available in the NetworkEditor.

Anyway, after checking, there is no /usr/lib/clam (not running x86-64
here). After building the plugins tree separately from the latest
source tarball, I now have a fully populated processing tree in the


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